Paint Specification Introduction

Our windows and doors as standard come supplied protim treated, basestained or white primed with the option to fully finish. With our fully finished system there is up to 10 years warranty with opaque coatings and 6 years with translucent coatings provided the specified maintenance schedule is followed. No redecoration will be required during this period as long as the coating is not damaged. this period can be affected by different exposure levels such as coastal areas, south facing elavations etc.

Warranty includes

  1. Peeling
  2. Cracking (greater than 5% of the coated area)
  3. Damage resulting from fungal growth within the coating
  4. Significant yellowing of the coating
  5. Premature erosion of the coating to areas of exposed timber

Warranty does not include

  1. The exudation of resin
  2. Extractive staining round knots
  3. Failure of the coating on cills over 75mm
  4. Any exterior edge not rounded with 3mm radius

Glazing Specification Introduction

The choice of glazing can have a large effect on the overall performance of the product with the key inflences being 1. the coating on the glass 2. The type and width of the spacer bar and 3. What the air gap is to be filled with air or gas.


 As standard we use 4-16-4 pilkington K glass

Spacer bar

Spacer bars which make up the outside edge of the glazing unit (between two panes of glass). Our standard units use aluminium spacer bar in either Silver, Bronze or White while cost effective it provides poor insulation. An alternative is to use a warm edge spacer bar to reduce the thermal bridging effect at the edge of the glazing unit.

Air gap

Our standard air gap widths are normally 16mm with the cavity filled with air or argon gas which will provide good performance.

Safety and security

All Glazing is supplied toughened or laminated where specified or requested.

Obscure options

We have a range of Pilkington Texture glass that offers privacy and stile throughout the home.  

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